Voice Actor / Speaker / Voice over

  I give voice to radiospots, webb films, characters in RPG games, voice over's in feature films etc.

  When needed I record them in my own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Below are some samples (click at the links) of the voices I have done:

  Feature film
  MONICA Z - radio reporter (2013)

  Radio spots
  Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL.se), lead - Bosse (2012)

  Voice Over's
  izi.Travel - Queen Kristina (audio guide), narrator (2015)
  RPG - Computer Game (role play), lead - Isak Block (2014)

  The SBAB! Relay, April 10th-19th (one of many examples from Youtube) - Live commentator (2013)

  These and more Voice Over examples in Swedish and some in English, you will find at: www.sandelin.eu/voices

  Referenser, se Linkedin